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Processwork in Berlin
September 9 through 11, 2011

Exploring the Legacy of Relationship:

Polish-German-Jewish-Christian and others. An approach of process work

We are all very excited to invite you to the first process work meeting in Berlin between Polish and German people.
It is a great honor that you will travel from Poland to meet us here in Berlin and we are looking forward with great pleasure to have you as our guests for the weekend.

The idea of this encounter came up when Robert Palusiński (with family: Margaret and Henry) visited us (Achim Goeres & Tanja Hetzer) in Berlin last June. We wanted to start a relationship work and worldwork between Germany and Poland. The three of us are overwhelmed that so many of you immediately joined this project.

With this invitation we would like to give you an outline of the schedule and some information about the venue. We will open the encounter with a gathering at Friday evening at the Hanuman Institut (Institut of Achim & Tanja) in Berlin-Charlottenburg. We will have time to get to know each other, give a little introduction, discuss the program for the next two days, and have dinner. Saturday and Sunday we will change to a location in Berlin Friedrichshain. There we will have a group process and discussion. For the evening we invite to a party.

We expect about 15 people from Germany and Poland!

Robert Palusiński , Tanja Hetzer & Achim Goeres

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